Third-party JavaScript is independent client code executing on a publisher's website, but served from a remote web address. It's used in the creation of highly distributed web applications, from social widgets, to analytics trackers, to full-featured embedded applications.

This book teaches intermediate JavaScript developers the art of third-party scripting. Topics covered include cross-domain messaging, third-party cookies, defensive and adaptive HTML and CSS, JS API development, performance best practices, and more.

Approximately 300 pages. Available from Manning Publications.

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About the authors

Ben Vinegar

Ben Vinegar is a Software Engineer at Disqus, a third-party commenting platform served on over 300,000 blogs, online publications, and other web properties, including CNN, Wired, The Telegraph, and IGN. Before joining Disqus, Ben was a Software Development Team Lead at FreshBooks, a popular web-based invoicing application.

Anton Kovalyov

Anton Kovalyov is a Software Engineer at Disqus, and has guided development on the Disqus commenting widget since the company’s earliest days. He maintains and contributes to a number of open-source JavaScript projects, including JSHint, a code quality tool, and easyXDM, a cross-domain messaging library.